Chelsea Heights Hairdresser Bonbeach

Building a hairdresser business

Building a hairdressing business is not always easy there are many things that can get in the way and make the process hard. If your looking at getting your own business in the hair industry there are some important things to remember.


Respect your clients

Use great products

Don’t undercharge

Don’t overcharge

If you have been hairdressing a long time you will know that it can be a tough industry in which many hairdresser’s fail at making a salon work. However if done correctly can be extremely rewarding. From experience a great hairdresser can easily run a home salon. Behind The Chair Chelsea heights is run and managed by Cristina Mordaunt who has been one of Melbourne’s most influential hairdresser’s. Cristina offer’s tutoring and mentoring to anyone looking to make a successful Bonbeach hairdressing business. Building a great Frankston Hairdresser business can be fun and exciting and profitable and sometimes small mistakes can be great lesson’s. Small mistakes in a hairdressing service business are easily forgivable from clients, the unforgivable mistakes generally are if you turn a clients hair purple or orange:)… just have a try.

Hairdressing can be profitable

Cristina can help you be profitable too

Criastina Mordaunt is absolutly the best hairdresser i have ever been to she cut and coloured my hair exactly how i wanted and the colour lasted twice as long as my previous hairdresser’s. I highly recommend her and couldn’t be happier.

Joe, Joe

Most hairdresser’s who cut hair love there work and it is very unusual for someone who doesn’t love hair to open there own salon. Nowadays home salon’s have become extremly popular and it is not hard to see why. A busy hair salon can be stressing and sometimes quality of work can be overlooked in an effort to make money. It is not unusual to leave a salon not feelinjg satisfied and even angry. A quick google search will often show many home hairdresser’s South Melbourne is packed with home hairdressers Chelsea , Chelsea Heights , Bonbeach and many more suburbs full of hairdressrer’s. Behind The ChairĀ in Chelsea Heights has had amazing success and is run by one of the best Melbourne hairdresser’s available Cristina Mordaunt.