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 Hairdressing South Melbourne Chelsea Heights

Hairdressers generally have been to tafe for 3 years and many good hairdressers have done much additional training. To truely appreciate the difference between an average hairdresser and an amazing hairdresser one must understand the following.

A great hairdresser will do over 6 years training over a 20 year period.

An average hairdresser will do no extra training after they finish tafe.

Hairdressing and finding a stylist who cares

Criastina Mordaunt is absolutly the best hairdresser i have ever been to she cut and coloured my hair exactly how i wanted and the colour lasted twice as long as my previous hairdresser’s. I highly recommend her and couldn’t be happier.

Joe, Joe

Hairdressing can be expensive and even more expensive when things go wrong. From the time the job starts to finish you want your hairdresser to get it right. Getting worked fixed on hair can be one of the most painful experience a consumer can go through in paying for services. A great guide to making sure your hairdresser is of expectional standard is to simply ask 1. how long have you been cutting hair 2) have you done much extra training since TAFE?