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Call me Angel a 19-year-old call girl, I’ve been working as a phone sex operator in australia┬ásince I was 17, at first it was really hard because I’m not used to such work and it’s kinda new to me. My friend Ana is also a phone sex operator she taught me a lot with regards to this work, she’s an expert in this job. Ana is such a wonderful friend she taught me everything she knew, especially with clients.
Every single detail that she’s been doing over and over to make every single one of her client happy and contented with the services she offered. Being a phone sex operator is not an easy job, but very enjoyable and a good paying job. Once you get used to this job, it’s like you’re not working at all rather you’re just having fun and satisfying your desires and fantasy every time you are at it.
Since it has been almost 2 years working as a phone sex operator everything is just as easy as 1 2 3 to me and I love my job. It is my bread and butter, and what I do now is to make sure that each and every one of my clients is happy and satisfied. My story is not an extraordinary one, there are more of us out there with this kind of job and they are just shy about it or just hiding to make sure no one will know something about their job. There is nothing wrong about this job, people will judge you whatever you do whether it’s good or bad they will still say something to you. Accept and love what you do, in the end, it’s your life not them, focus and gives it your best for you and for your family.
Phone sex is something I really enjoy and as a paid phone sex operator I can guarantee you that we as a whole want to please and are here to serve you sexually and put a spark back into your step.
Time and time again my clients comment about my level of involvement and it sounds like I am really enjoying myself. This is true I love it.
So don’t waste any time and give me a call today so I have an amazing adult chat with you today.